Cha Cha Changes!!


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Well, its a new year! I want to thank all you who have followed this blog since it’s resurrection a few months ago. After a lot of thought and planning I have decided to reorganize this blog. I have purchased the domain and am starting to build that website. Right now, its not much to look at. I have just bought the address and imported my post. It is the definition of a work in progress. I am hoping to have that site be a project more geared to it’s tag line “Increasing Self Awareness Through Dialogue.” Most, if not all of the post on this blog will make it over to the site well as more multimedia including videos of my poems and interviews with people I meet. I am working on editing a few interviews I have, uploading them on my new website, and preparing new twitter [@wellexamined] , facebook [], and e-mail account [] for the project. I am then planning on turning this page into my professional website that I will put on my business cards. So, you may notice some odd changes and half finished pages coming in the next month. I hope to keep you all updated and informed about what is going on. For now, I’d like to thank you all for sticking with me.

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