We Are Up and Walking!!


Alright guys. Well Examined Life is Officially Up and Walking! Check it out. There is a lot of new stuff to see especially in the new art gallery and podcast sections. Let me know what you think! Don’t Forget to follow the Well Examined Life if you haven’t already!

The Well Examined Life

Well. Here we are. 6 months after I purchased the domain. 6 months of telling followers that I would be launching in weeks. 6 months of my art and writing developing, changing and re-arranging itself. 6 months of not posting every waking thought into a blog post. We officially launch today. After several test podcasts, several experiments with themes, several account upgrades and hours of thought I have come to a profound realization. No matter what, this website will always be as rough or polished as I am. The chances of me being able to write a post every Thursday, a short story every other Friday and weekly podcast are slim to none.
The stock of polished essays and stories that I was supposed to be writing so that I’d have six months of writing to share on a regular schedule never materialized. Instead I continued to write poems

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